Michael Phelps Got Crushed in His Simulated Races Against Sharks

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The world's most decorated Olympian goes head-t0-head with his greatest challenger yet - a great white shark. In the same article, Domeier explained that most sharks aren't looking to harm humans, "But as the juveniles reach sub-adulthood, that in-between phase, yeah, they'll be able to do some damage".

"They swim so fast, it's nearly like a bullet".

Despite his 28 Olympic medals, Phelps was no match for the great white.

Sharks and the City: New York (July 25, 10 ET/PT): Seals have returned to New York Harbor, which means their greatest predator, the great white shark, probably isn't far behind. "Sharks are one of my favourite animals in the world".

What's even crazier to me is that on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Phelps actually said that he would have rather faced the great white shark without a cage.

After weeks of anticipation, Michael Phelps faced off with a Great White Shark in Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs.

So, did Phelps beat the great white shark and immortalize himself as the god of the oceans? Note: Phelps and the shark each swam 100 meters in the same open water but according to Rolling Stone, "Phelps made it clear that he and the shark were not in the water at the same time". A number of scientists had worked on various aspects in order to record the shark's speed.

Making it more challenging, Phelps was wearing a wetsuit that was only 1 millimeter thick.

Until then, Shark Week fans will get to see Phelps again on July 30 when he spends some quality time with sharks in Discovery's "Shark School with Michael Phelps". A user even pointed out that if people thought about it practically, they would realize it was not feasible to put Phelps and the shark in the same waters.

9 p.m. - "Sharks and the City: LA" Along the coastline of Los Angeles, great white sharks are increasing and they seem to be hunting out of season. Michael Phelps got a little help for this race.

"In a race, I think my fastest speed was about 5 or 6 miles per hour [8 to 10 km/h]", Phelps told USA Today.

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