Marcus Morris had a priceless reaction to Kyrie Irving's trade request

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I know it is unpopular to say, but just think about it.

Now, I guess this shouldn't come as a complete shock. An Irving for Chris Paul trade also could have been conceivable, especially given LeBron's desire to play with Paul, Anthony and Dwyane Wade. Irving wants to go to San Antonio, but the Spurs would want to send LaMarcus Aldridge back, a guy who is also older and starting to decline, can be exposed defensively, and it leads to questions about a second ball handler for the Cavaliers.

It's a huge miss for the front office, and not only did the whiff potentially cost them George and/or Paul, it might also cost them LeBron James, who is a free agent next summer.

Rumors have already been hinting that some Western Conference teams may attempt to sign James next summer, and it is easy to imagine those squads being encouraged to go after him further in the wake of this situation with Irving being made public. He averaged 25 points in 2016 but his assists topped out at six per game.

A four-time All-Star, Irving has spent six seasons with the Cavs, who selected him with the No. 1 overall pick in 2011.

After the original report came out, more ensued. It's possible that Irving is making a pre-emptive strike and trying to get out of Cleveland before the Cavaliers turn back into a lottery team again.

It would've taken not only a miracle for a trade to bring Irving to Chicago, but multiple teams for the Bulls to even have a chance at a "superteam" attempt.

Any deal for Irving would have to include Aldridge for the salaries to match.

Irving listed the Spurs, Wolves, Knicks and Heat as his preferred destinations. It'd be best for everyone if he played the 2017-18 season elsewhere.

Stephen Curry signed a five-year, $201 million deal.

According to Ian Begley of ESPN, the Knicks would be willing to part with Anthony and future draft picks for Irving.

The Cavaliers could have acquired the two superstars via trade.

This can be read one of two ways - LeBron knows Kyrie is stuck in his contract until 2019 and has 0 leverage to force a trade or LeBron simply doesn't care because he'll be leaving after next year anyway.

Irving's agent, Jeff Wechsler, would not confirm Irving's trade request to Wojnarowski. It will be up to the Cavs to see if they can get fair market value for Irving.

Irving's request, made in the past several days, would seem to shed new light on the Cavs' pursuit of Derrick Rose. Cleveland could take notes from the Lakers after Kobe Bryant's trade me demand circa 2007 - Los Angeles told him they were looking but not move him, and eventually smoothed things over (and won a couple more rings). Chauncey Billups was the main focus, but Gilbert chased him off too with an offer so low he chose to stick to broadcasting with ESPN. Specifically, the "peculiar" comment references a recent Irving interview. With the speculation surrounding his eventual arrival, it would be foolish for LA to trade for him.