El Grand Chamaco's playful Game of Thrones 3D illustrations of Season 7


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Being on one of the most brutal TV shows in history, "Game of Thrones" stars know they can be killed off at any time. Knowing that King Baratheon would most certainly put the wolf down had Arya brought her back to Winterfell, Arya scared her off, ultimately saving her. She accepts him as he is and they finally have sex.

"I am probably not alone in wondering which of my favourite characters are going to meet their ends, and which will live on to the next season", said Milan Janosov, Ph.D. candidate at Central European University in Hungary. Holding a knife to Yara's throat, Euron tells Theon to come save his sister. Daenerys assumes-like Hillary Clinton-that she should be queen because of her family ties and her white privilege (the dragons). Jon leaves everything in the hands of Sansa until he returns. It's a position that rightfully belongs to Sansa, to be fair. She used to believe Stannis Baratheon was the Prince, but in Season 6, she came to believe it was actually Jon Snow. But owing to her gender, the North overlooked her and instead anointed Jon as their new King.

Like Dragonstone, Stormborn was again a thrilling ride all through its 55-minute runtime.

The direwolf's pack surrounded Arya, but as Nymeria emerged out of the woods and seemingly recognised Arya, the young assassin invited her childhood pet to join her in her journey to Winterfell.

There's no fluff in this season so far, and the moment many fans have been waiting for is finally here. Seems appropriate. They're both strong women with specific points of view, a council of trusted advisors, and would never get married to someone who isn't suitable. The chef behind the pie is none other than Arya's old friend Hot Pie, who notifies the assassin that her brother is now King in the North.

While Rachel is not quite sending her Dothraki hordes after the men who don't fall in love with her, there's definitely a similarity there. Lady Tyrell was basically foreshadowing the battle against Euron's forces when she told Dany to think like a boss - I mean, dragon. While it remains to be seen how the expected battle will pan out, it is already suspected that it may lead to the death of Grey Worm. He didn't have any fears himself, but that changed when he met Missandei.